A Renault nammed DeZir


Revealed before the “Mondial de Paris” exhibition, this concept car is motorized by an electric engine. It’s a two seater coupé with 21 inch wheels.
First vehicle of Renault’s new design director, Laurens van den Acker, the concept car is the first image of Renault’s new strategy based on the “cycle of life”, the front prefigures the new identity and future design, of Renault’s cars. It will be expanded to the whole range.

The DeZir’s engine is centrally placed, in the back of the car, the Lithium battery is behind the seat, vertically mounted and allows a range of 160km (99,4 miles).
To improve the autonomy and the dynamic performances, the technical teams worked on weight reduction with a Kevlar body and a tubular frame in steel (same type as in the Megane Trophy).    

Source: Renault

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