KLD Technologies will introduce a retro-styled electric pickup the Kombi by CenntroMotors!


KLD Technologies is an American company that develops drivetrain solutions for electric vehicle, we had already met them at the Milan EICMA with an electric scooter, the Eclimo EB25 with a sleek and sporty look!

KLD continues its quest for innovation and has developed a highly efficient electric propulsion system that would consume 250MPGe equivalent to 0.94l/100km of electricity.

This technology called oneDRIVE is a flexible and complete turnkey solution designed for the global market.

"oneDRIVE is game changing... What truly makes oneDRIVE different than anything else on the market is the efficiency and scalability of the system," said Christian Okonsky, Founder and CEO for KLD Energy. "With the arrival of oneDrive our system efficiency will provide more range than comparable systems and completely eliminates the need for a transmission... This has made the oneDRIVE system the most cost effective system on the market today."

Lithium-Ion batteries are supplied by Samsung which has a partnership with KLD Technologies.

The oneDRIVE technology will debut in the future Kombi by Cenntro Motors, no more information for the moment on the brand, product or market, but a first image, largely inspired by the famous Volkswagen Kombi and that makes us eager to know more! At present we only know that its consumption is announced 250MPGe ...

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