(VIDEO) Bolloré to launch an electric car-sharing service in the United States


The French group Bolloré is about to setup the largest offer of electric car-sharing in the US. The city of Indianapolis will host the service that for the first time won’t their own vehicles, the Bluecar but only cars built in America.

The Bolloré group which manages the Autolib’ car-sharing service in Paris and the recently announced Bluely in Lyon will settle in the capital of Indiana. Indianapolis, the 12th largest city in the country has been chosen to be the first step of internationalization for the group’s service. The project is planning on 500 cars, 200 rental stations and 1200 charging stations for a total cost of €35 million and a launch in Spring 2014.


But while we expected to find Bolloré’s famous Bluecar as the official car, it won’t! The cars used will be produced in the United States. Users will have the choice between the Nissan Leaf or Ford Focus EV at the inauguration of the service in 2014.

This decision of the group is part of a strategy of diversification and expansion that should soon take them to Asia as Vincent Bolloré confirmed it a few months ago, at the start of discussions on Lyon’s Bluely project.

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