Velobike starts in Moscow, the city opens its bike-share service


Moscow has opened its first bike-share service. But much remains to be done to fight against the accidents regularly marring the Russian capital.

After New York that just opened CitiBike, the Russian capital follows.

Moscow_VeloBike (3).jpg

The bike-sharing experience successful in most cases with for instance a satisfaction rate up to 90% for the Paris Velib'. Yet this is not necessarily the case in Moscow where driving a two-wheeler is very dangerous, taking your bike maybe as risky than playing Russian roulette!

Several problems in this situation:

Infrastructures participating in the safety of cyclists are poor.
Cycle lanes are almost nonexistent in the Russian capital. 
But the rudeness of Moscow people is also concerned according to Maxime Liksoutov, deputy mayor of Moscow, who inaugurated the device.

Therefore, the mayor has announced it will develop 131km of cycle lanes. This might be necessary as over a thousand people rushed to be the first to register on the day of the inauguration..

Very competitive prices

This service is provided by the Bank of Moscow and the prices are very low. After a first free half-hour, the service is charged 30 rubles (€0.72) per hour against 2 euros in Paris. 
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