(VIDEO) SEAT LEON VERDE: the new Leon in plug-in hybrid mode


A test of all-electric fleet of Seat (Altea XL Electric) and PHEV (Leon TwinDrive) was tested since 2011 by no less than 16 companies and 14 public authorities in Spain.


This project called CENIT VERDE has just ended after a period of 4 years of talks and tests, it leads to many lessons and the reveal of a new plug-in hybrid prototype based the 2013 Seat Leon.


Result a these years of testing, the SEAT LEON VERDE is based on the TwinDrive powertrain a 75kW electric motor combined to a 1.4l combustion engine developing 90kW it is fitted with a 8.8kWh battery for a range in electric only announced at 50km, the transmission is entrusted to 6-speed gearbox optimized for the hybrid technology.

These years of test were also used to optimize the charging technology with an integrated smart charge technology, for example if the vehicle is parked for a given period of time, charging will begin as soon as the electricity demand of the grid decreases, thus avoiding extra costs and possible saturation.

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