(VIDEO) Pikes Peak 2013: the Yokohama HER-02 will also participate this year


The pioneer electric vehicle of the event is back in the race to the clouds – indeed, Yokohama races at Pikes Peak since 2010 with its prototype.

Developed since 2009, the HER-02 is an electric race car designed in partnership with AC Propulsion, which is in charge of the powertrain, this year the challenge will also be to climb the 20km race with eco/efficient tires BluEarth-A designed by Yokohama, a name answering to a philosophy of sustainability that uses a nano blend from renewable orange oil.


The 2013 Her-02 in figures

The engine is placed in mid-center position, developing 190kW of power (255hp) it is powered by a 37kWh PANASONIC battery for a total weight of 1150kg.

Its tubular chassis has been developed directly by the driver Ikuo Hanawa in partnership with Summit Racing Promotions.

Last year, facing the race to power of the prototype and although improving its time by 21 seconds over the previous year, the Yokohama HER-02 only got the 5th place at 11:58.974 minutes ...

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