(VIDEO) The SLS AMG Electric Drive in 7:56.23 on the Nurburgring


The Nurburgring is THE place to be for ultra high performance cars and tackle it with an electric vehicle is a difficult exercise and the latest trend of the automotive scene. Mercedes AMG just took that challenge, and achieved a time of 7min56sec, equaling the time of a Ferrari F430 and even a few seconds faster than an Aston Martin DBS.

SLS_electric_Nurburgring (2).jpg

Mercedes therefore made the first lap under the 8min barrier with a fully electric production vehicle… The SLS Electric Drive a “series model” that relies on 4 motors, 4WD, 751hp and 1000Nm of torque allowing to achieve such a feat.
SLS_electric_Nurburgring (2).jpg

Mercedes AMG developed a special system to control each wheel independently with torque in order to improve braking, stability, speed, cornering and the distribution of power in an exit corner.

For the record here is a little summary the times of electrified vehicles on the Nurburgring, the all-time record for a pure EV is the TMG EV P002 with 7:22.329, while the hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder pushes the envelope to 7:14! The Audi R8 e-tron in turn just lost its tittle that was set at 8:09.099.

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Article by H. Le Flanchec 

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