(VIDEO) CATS EV86 @ EV-GP Series, the other electric 86


Here is a vehicle that participates in the EV-GP Series, a championship that gathers electric vehicles  on the racetrack in several categories.

This event takes place in Japan and is organized by the JEVRA, the king event of the Championship is the EV50, a 50km race where the drivers must manage their electricity consumption while maintaining high performance and regularity.

The EV-GP series is open to any class of vehicle and is brokendown as follows: EV-1 for more than 110kW, EV-2 between 60 and 110kW, EV-3 lower than 60kW and EV-C for converted vehicles which is the case of our EV86.


After a new version of the GT86 converted to electric propulsion (2012) last year, this year we discover a vehicle developed by the CATS (School of Automotive Engineers) specifically for the event since 2011.
During the second round of the championship, the CATS EV86 won the first place in its category.

The specs of this EV86 are not revealed but to give an overview, one of its direct competitors (and therefore likely similar), a converted Mazda RX7 has a 40kW motor powered by a lithium battery made of 90 cells of 100Ah.


For the 2013 season of the EV-GP Series, a full calendar of events with 6 EV50km is already announced, but also some 20km sprint races and other events...

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