Bolloré Bluesun concept or reality


The Bolloré group has patented this week drawings of a convertible version of its electric compact-car known as BlueCar or Autolib, the famous car-sharing service in Paris, which is now installed in Bordeaux and Lyon.

Bolloré_Bluesun (3).jpg

Bolloré, battery manufacturer, sells only one model and is not a manufacturer itself, no new models expected but variants, for example we found a version with a large soft sunroof at the Paris Auto Show, a one-off according to a representative of the brand.

Bolloré_Bluesun (3).jpg

The group could want to push the summer variant further with a real open-air model, a convertible BlueCar that could be dubbed Bluesun.

Bolloré_Bluesun (3).jpg

As a reminder, the Bluecar is sold by the Bolloré Group at a price of € 12,000 plus €80 per month for the battery rental and interesting financing options that can include charging on Autolib stations.

Via L'Automobile Magazine

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