BlueLy: Lyon’s Autolib is official and power by green energy


Lyon just announced a service of electric car-sharing to be launched before the end of the year. It is naturally inspired by Paris’ Autolib as the Bolloré Group, will also manage and operate the service.


Therefore the car used will be used the Bluecar, electric cars built by Bolloré. This already prove its abilities for use over short distances (58% of trips are for less than 3 km) with its Lithium Metal Polymer battery (LMP). With 110kph the car can go easily on major roads and boasts 150kms of real-life range. 

The subscription price is slightly lower than the Paris Autolib but hourly prices are higher.

In Paris, for an annual subscription, you will spend 12€ / month and 5€ per ½ hour while in Lyon, it will be 8.25€ per month and 6€ per ½ hour. At first the "Bluely" service will be spread over 50 stations with 130 Bluecar from October 10, 2013. The number of vehicles will gradually increase by 2014 to reach 250 vehicles over a hundred stations.


"Bluely" reinforces Lyon’s "Smart City" strategy, the number of cars decreased by 4% every year in Lyon since 2008, and we can expect that the new service will help to improve this figure.

Other sustainable news, cars will be powered with 100% green energy provided by the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône.

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