(VIDEO) Kick France 2013 the Tour de France on a footbike


Here the idea of a Czech collective of professional footbikers, they decided to do exactly the same route as the cyclists of the Tour de France but one day in advance!


This year in its 100th edition, the Tour will go from Porto Vecchio to the Champs Elysées, 3.500km...

KickFrance is an association, a sports club gathering footbike enthusiasts, their vehicles do not look exactly like the ones you may have come across in the schoolyard! The frame and wheels are larger and these scooters are equipped with brake calipers front and rear - much more powerful than the small metal part rubbing against the rear wheel. Built by the brand Kickbike, they weigh 6.9kg.

Although it may look like a joke at first, the team takes the matter very seriously and has been training for two years intensively with the hope to finish on the Champs Elysees and resist to stages of up to 242km!

Note that the challenge has been approved by the International Federation of scooter IKSA to help develop the sport.

KickFrance2013 (1).jpg

The team Kick France is 4 riders and 4 to 5 as support, a team founded 10 years ago and already known under the name ULTIMA holding medals of European and World Champion in 2004 and 2008.
The departure is therefore scheduled one day before the actual tour on June 28 in Porto Vecchio.

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