Moto-Electra Racing will cross the USA next week


Moto-Electra Racing will attempt to beat the world record for the longest distance traveled in three days with an electric vehicle from one end to the other of the American continent, 2500 miles (4023 km) in just three days!

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For this feat, the team will take turns 24/24 from Jacksonville, Florida to the Santa Monica Pier in California. "We'll go from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean using only the vehicle’s batteries," said Brian Richardson, director of Moto Electra Racing.

The Moto Electra took some top positions in the World Championship of electric motorcycle, the TTGXP that it almost won in 2011, eventually finishing in second place. Amazing for a company founded by two enthusiasts who raised goats before starting this adventure! But the Moto Electra is mostly a classic Norton converted to electric propulsion!

The team plans twenty stops to recharge the vehicle with a generator placed in the support car driven by the students from James Madison University who are involved in most of the of team Electra projects.


The bike has 67hp and still reaches 135mph or 217kph peak. The engine is air cooled and for the occasion its battery capacity will be increased to 20 kWh of energy, almost as much as an electric car, the Renault Zoé for example packs 22 kWh.

In addition, the machine uses regenerative braking to recharge its batteries. 
Stay tuned, the adventure will start on June 3rd for an arrival on June 6th if all goes according to the plan!
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