Pedelec Gitane Alter Bike, the first hydrogen electric bicycle


While electric bicycles and pedelecs are beginning to invade our cities, here is an answer to those who would be afraid to run out of juice!

No more charging time, no need to plug your bike into an electrical outlet! The Alter Bike uses hydrogen in a fuel cell, an existing technology in some cars, it can create electricity while emitting only H2O, in other words water.


Refuelling is very simple, you just need to change a small hydrogen cartridge. Launched by Cycleurope under the brand Gitane, the bike answers to some requirements of electric bicycles, weight reduction for instance, and allows a greater flexibility.

Presented at the 20th Congress of the "Club des Villes et Territoires Cyclables" in Nice, this bike is a collaboration of three French companies Cycleurope, Pragma Industries and Ventec. One is a specialist in cycles, one in hydrogen and the last in battery management.

Gitane_Alterbike_hydrogen (2).jpg

According to Pragma Industries "The hydrogen fuel cell’s carbon footprint is 20 times lower than lithium battery and can be fully recycled."

The Alter Bike will debut in rental / bike-sharing services in France, but will not be available to the general public until 2016.

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