(VIDEO) Citibike, New York goes bike-sharing


The city built for automobiles has discovered the joys of self-service bicycles Monday. For the occasion the service was free and nearly 5,000 of the 6,000 bikes available have been tested that day.

The inauguration of New York’s bike-sharing service called Citibike took place during the Memorial Day. Indeed, New Yorkers did not yet have a bicycle sharing service as they exist for instance in all major French cities. New York, the trendsetting city only discovered self-service bicycles while Vélib’ in Paris has almost 6 years and Lyon’s Vélo'v are available for more than 8 years.


Michael Bloomberg launched the service, no less than 333 stations and 6,000 bicycles are already available.
The service will expand up to 10,000 bikes and 600 stations. For now, all the stations are concentrated in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

You can subscribe for daily or weekly use. The yearly subscription allows to use a bike for free during 45 minutes, it is priced at 95$ (73€).

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