Future Porsche will all have hybrid variants


Porsche is working on a hybrid module, a scalable platform for all future models.

The world of sport-cars with big block engines evolves and now power and performance goes with hybridization and recent hybrid hypercars as proof. Ferrari and McLaren for example are about to launch the first hybrid cars of their history: "LaFerrari" and P1, but this trend of hybridization will not be limited to ultra-exclusive hypercars, like the Panamera S e-hybrid it will be extended to the entire range of Porsches with plug-in hybrid and hybrid technologies.
Porsche-SportTurismo_e-hybrid (14).jpg
Stuttgart’s brand was one of the first to offer an alternative in the segment of premium hybrid cars -long dominated by Lexus- with its Panamera S and Cayenne S Hybrid launched in 2011. But in a changing automotive world, Porsche has to innovate and improve its image.

Especially because of the new EU legislation that requires all manufacturers to reduce CO2 emissions of the vehicles sold in Europe to 95g/km by 2020. 

In addition to hybridization, Porsche will also focus on Stop & Start and the PDK dual-clutch transmission that reduces the emissions of 8% on the Boxster.

The hybrid module will also be found in another monument of the automobile, the Bentley Flying Spur in 2017!

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