Renault technical partner of the Formula E


Renault just announced an agreement with Spark Racing Technology as a technical partner of this company managed by Frederic Vasseur and responsible of developing 42 electric cars for the FIA Formula E Championship.

Indeed, last year, we announced that Formula E Holdings had entrusted to Spark Racing Technology the development of the open-wheelers for the first electric Grand-Prix.

Renault now joins the adventure for a championship to be launched in 2014. Because of their involvement and knowledge of motorsports and electric vehicles, Renault’s experience will be highly beneficial to the adventure.


The 42 electric cars will therefore bear the name of Spark-Renault, at least for the first season.

"The engineers of Renault Sport F1 and Renault Sport Technologies will collaborate with the Spark Racing Technology team to optimize the electrical and electronic systems as well as the transmission’s performance. Our experience will be valuable in ensuring the safety and reliability of the car."
Patrice Ratti, CEO of Renault Sport Technologies.

Does this puts it into question the agreement with McLaren (supposed to provide motors, transmission and electronics) signed in November 2012?

Renault Sport was also recently revealing a tuned Twizy, the Twizy RSF1 that would make a good pace car!
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