(VIDEO) Bosch autonomous driving assistant is TUV approved on the highway

Update of May 10th article with a video

Bosch that was presenting its project of driving assistant a few months ago as just tested it on the public highway. A good start for the German manufacturer which aims to offer it in series from 2014, to help drivers without replacing them completely.


The TÜV SÜD has approved the test conducted by Bosch on the highway. Certifying "the efficiency and safety of the system created by Bosch."

This innovative system uses a long-range radar on the roof of the car, it detects objects at 250 meters, while the camera on the windscreen models 3D objects it films.

Results will be used by Bosch to optimize the system and adapt it to a more complex behavior especially in town or the traffic.

BOSCH_autonomous_assistant (2).jpg

The objective of the manufacturer is not to completely replace the driver –unlike the Google Car- but rather to help improve his behavior, his response time to a situation requiring emergency braking or avoidance... While allowing to lower the attention he pays to the road. Also, according to the laboratory that performed the test, "The results show that the system helps to make driving safer and more relaxed."

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