Hybrid Range Rovers coming to Frankfurt (Range_e)?


Land Rover is a manufacturer for which premium is synonymous of efficiency, after presenting a plug-in hybrid powertrain in a Range Sport, the Range_e prototype in early 2011 and achieving a dramatic weight loss with the 2013 versions of its luxury flagship Range Rover with respectively 420kg and 425kg less for the standard and Sport versions! The next step is series hybrid powertrain, a premiere expected for the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA 2013)!


The Range_e prototype, a technology demonstrator adopted a plug-in hybrid solution with a 94hp electric motor powered by a 14kWh battery allowed emissions of just 89g/km.

But the problem with this technology is weight and cost, a delicate equation that could tip the manufacturer to a more traditional architecture, an hypothesis confirmed by the emissions of 169g/km announced by Stuart Frith in charge of R&D for Land Rover – corresponding to a “non plug-in” hybrid!

2013_Range-Sport (1).jpg

The electric motor will be associated to the V6 Turbodiesel, the SDV6, with a parallel hybrid architecture, offering a performance boost for lower emissions (199g/km announced for the new Range Rover Sport SDV6).

The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show opens its doors on September 12!

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