A e-tron: Audi prepping an answer to the BMW i3 (e-Up by Audi)?


VW’s electric compact-car, the e-Up was unveiled a few weeks ago and it is rumored that Audi could use the platform to offer a premium variant, direct competitor of the BMW i3.


Indeed, Audi is synonymous of premium, therefore their electric compact-car should offer more power and range, like the A2 e-tron concept, which displayed 116hp and 270nm of torque in peak, a 0 to 100kph in 9.3 seconds and 200 km of range thanks to a 24kWh battery (18.7kWh for e-Up).

Price of this e-Up by Audi

While the e-Up is expected (for the Frankfurt Motor Show - IAA 2013 in world premiere) with a price tag of around € 25.000, the premium upgrade could add € 10.000 to the "A e-tron” a competitive positioning to reach its direct competitor, the BMWi3 whose price is expected around € 40.000.

Both cars will focus on the services to the driver, with specific features for electric vehicles, urban and connected.

Here is the first rendering of the car, halfway between the e-Up and A2 Concept.

Audi_e-tron_rendering_2013 (2).bmp
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