New figures on the Bristol GT hybrid supercar by Frazer-Nash


The English brand Bristol Cars founded in 1947 is owned by Frazer-Nash (via their company Kamkorp Autokraft) since 2011, and the Frazer-Nash Namir concept presented in 2009 continues its development as the Bristol GT, here are some fresh informations on this future supercar with range extender.

Frazer-Nash_Namir (3).jpg
Frazer-Nash is (now) an engineering company specializing in electrified powertrains they developed electric cars for the Proton brand (Malaysia) both with range extender solutions the Exora, or 100% electric, the Saga.

Frazer-Nash also develops the Metrocab, London taxis revisited with range extenders the in-house REEP technology.

That gives some credit to the project and the following figures...

This Bristol GT will be a real demonstrator of their know-how, with four-wheel drive, a top speed of 320kph and a fuel consumption just over 2l/100km thanks to a 800cc Wankel engine used as generator.


Everything is developed in-house with also a "digital differential" with torque vectoring technology!

In short, some cutting-edge that will hopefully revive this legendary English brand.

Two other supercars have opted for this range extender solution, the BMW i8, the Cadillac ELR and the Imperia GP.

The images shown are those of the Namir concept-car revealed in 2009, let’s hope the Bristol GT will be largely inspired by it...

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