(VIDEO) Aero 2013: Pipistrel impresses with the Panthera


Presented as a concept last year on this same Aero Friedrichshafen Show, here it is just like on the original drawing, in a pre-production version barely a year later…

Pipistrel_Panthera_2013 (6).jpg

The Panthera is the latest model of the dynamic company Pipistrel, an innovative and efficient single-engine 4-seater plane for now presented in its combustion version but range-extender hybrid and electric versions are also expected.

The prototype had its maiden flight in early April before going to the Show by the air, crossing the Alps during a 90-minutes flight.


The combustion version is the most powerful at 210hp against 195hp (145kW) for the hybrid and electric versions. It receives a Lycoming IO-390 engine for a fuel consumption of 37l/hour and a range of 1,000 nautical miles.

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The Pipistrel Panthera also focuses on safety with a protective cell fitted with a parachute that can be deployed at low and high speeds.

Most of the aircraft’s structure is in carbon composites, Kevlar or titanium.

No release date announced for the hybrid and electric versions but electric powertrains are already mastered by the manufacturer (see Taurus G4), given their dynamism, we can imagine that next year, on the same show, we could discover the electrified versions.

First deliveries are expected in 2016 with prices starting at € 400,000.

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