(VIDEO) Toyota FT-HT Yuejia, the future of Prius+

Update of May 4th article with a new video

At the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show, Toyota presents a concept-car designed specifically for Asia, the FT-HT Yuejia – an hybrid MPV with futuristic looks.

The FT-HT Yuejia is a gasoline-hybrid vehicle that offers six real seats accessible by large antagonist doors without center pillar. 

Everything has been designed for the comfort of the occupants. The seat belts are integrated into the seats and dashboard is extremely minimalist. The colors are simple, black or dark brown with beige lines. The simplicity of the forms of these latter reminds the world of manga and confirms that this concept is eyeing a young audience.


Imagined for the Y Generation

Thus, as hinted by the manufacturer, the FT-HT Yuejia targets the Generation Y. The car puts comfort and ease of use before, without neglecting design. The very sleek body contrasts with the style of the current MPVs – just like the Citroën DS5. This is a "minivan shooting brake" that seems straight out of an aeronautical study office. The silver-colored bodywork accentuates the stealth impression, as well as the prominent rear spoiler and sharp headlights.

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