Shanghai 2013: GWKulla Concept, Great Wall going Twizy


The Chinese manufacturer Great Wall is dynamic and clearly wants to conquer European, after the concept Haval-e and Haval H7 hybrid that we presented recently, for the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, Great Wall had another surprise for the visitors the GWKULLA 2013 or GMW-EV among the 23 models presented by the brand on the show!


The GWKULLA concepts are urban vehicles offered by the brand since 2008 with a micro-electric city-car concept.

Compared to the 2008 concept, the 2013 GWKULLA is lighter, inspired by the Renault Twizy, losing the doors in the classic sense of the term in favor of scissor guards, and opts for two seats in a row, this GWKULLA also gains identity adopting Great Wall Motors’ new grille previewed with the H7 Hybrid.


Its electric motor delivers 15hp and 50nm to the rear wheels with a Vmax of 65kph for a range of 100km, charging takes about 4.5hours. Mandatory as a concept, a small eccentricity at the controls with a steering wheel that looks like a aircraft handle.


For the moment no information about a possible marketing of this GMW EV, stay tuned!

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