(VIDEO) First Tesla Model S hits France, doesn’t disappoint!!


We expected it impatiently, Tesla's electric sedan does not disappoint, it surprises even!


Refined, elegant, the Tesla Model S is superb, slightly reminiscent of the Jaguar XF - some say- with its feline front-end and its sensual round shapes, but the front and rear lights with LED enhances the level, it truly has its own identity!

Tesla_ModelS_Paris (2).jpg

Interior & finish

This is where our greatest concern laid... First impression, the space inside the car: its flat floor which houses the batteries leaves all the cabin free and available to the passengers. The finish is very high-end, well look closely and found nothing - to see over time - but our car is exemplary! Quality of materials, leather, design, assembly, stunning for a manufacturer that remains young!


It is not a surprise, it drives, it drives strong with 400HP and 600Nm of torque available at the touch of the accelerator pedal, the 0-100kph in 5.6 seconds (4.4 seconds for the Model S Performance version) is not a legend, despite its 2 tons.

Tesla_ModelS_Paris (6).jpg


The test model is equipped with the Active-Air suspension that makes you completely forget the Parisian cobblestones!

iPad on wheels

It would take an entire article to detail the 17-inch touch screen and its features, the key is also interesting, know that the car is of course equipped with USB ports and that you will never need to start or shut-down the car, it makes it automatically!

Tesla_ModelS_Paris (12).jpg


Ok, at 65-100.000 € depending on the model and finish it is quite some money but for a giant iPad, supercar minivan, with two trunks (1795 liters in total) and / or the ability to welcome 7 people, more range than ever offered by a series electric vehicle and without maintenance or fuel costs, it is worth thinking about!

Tesla_ModelS_Paris (5).jpg

This quick test of the Tesla Model S allowed us to get a first idea about the vehicle, awaiting a longer test to see exactly what the range and handling are like.

Complete photo album available on our facebook page.

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