(VIDEO) Moscow’s ghost rider rides an e-bike at 100kph+


The name Ghost Rider became famous on the internet with this no fear - and slightly unconscious - Swedish motorcycle driver / "pilot"  in full black, motorcycle, gear and helmet on his Suzuki, taunting the police and taking all the risk during his famous Getaway in Stockholm.

But that was before!
This won’t surprise you, we have a soft spot for electric mobility and just came across a crazy Russian DIYer who uses his electric bike every day to go to work, nothing amazing for the moment... Excepted that it does on four lanes open road and at speeds over 100kph!

The e-bike’s specs are not communicated but here is an alleged image of the crazy machine.


The video is a bit long but the best passages are annotated below the video – just some to setup the bike...

We have put directly on one of the most impressive moment.
Here is an e-bike that must have surprised more than a biker!

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