(VIDEO) Ziesel, electric awesomeness with snow tracks


The Austrian company Mattro Mobility Revolutions founded in 2006 has developed a unique vehicle called Ziesel, a single-person transportation device designed for off-road use, including snow. It consists of a bucket seat mounted on two tracks, a tubular frame with a roll bar and a four-point belt.

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The Ziesel has just been unveiled at the Innsbruck’s INTERALPIN show, the company Mattro specializes in the development of vehicles and concepts, electric or hybrid.

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Handmade in Tirol, the Ziesel has a continuous power of 4.8kW and 15.4kW in peak, for 400Nm of torque 400Nm, its maximum speed is limited to 35kph, and its removable lithium-ion 6kWh authorizes "several hours" of ride. The weight is announced at 210kg batteries included. 


On the same INTERALPIN show Mattro also presented the Hycat or Steinbock HX1, another all-terrain vehicle, this time with a series hybrid technology, 4WD thanks to four in-wheel motors and assisted by a 120hp twin-cylinder range extender.
As part of this 1.3 million € project funded by the European Union, Mattro coordinates two universities and six companies in four countries!

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