(VIDEO) KERS in road cars, Volvo says yes – 25% fuel consumption upgrade!


The Swedish brand Volvo officially presents its KERS, a system similar to those used in F1 or the Porsche GT3 R Hybrid.

This technology is very simple, the system recovers energy from braking and stores it in a flywheel. This system is now made in carbon fiber which makes it smaller and lighter, 6kg and 20cm of diameter.

Braking energy is transferred to a flywheel at over 60,000 rpm, and is capable of returning this energy in the acceleration phase.

Volvo fitted this system on the rear axle of one of their prototype test car. This system has been associated with a 4cylinder turbo engine (VAE engine range).

Volvo_FlyWheel_2013 (2).jpg

Thus Volvo announces a gain of 80 horsepower, and fuel economy of about 25%.

This system is really efficient during acceleration phases from a dead stop, when the vehicle consumes the most. This system allows to move the car and assist the engine in these phases of stop and start, like in a trafic jam. Thus the KERS gives its full potential in a heavy city traffic.

Volvo announced that after these successful tests, the brand is evaluating how it could introduce this technology to its series vehicles in a near future.

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