Downsizing at Lexus, the GS300h presented in Shanghai


The latest version of the GS now receives a more frugal engine, the new 300h powertrain that is already fitted to the IS and ES (sold in the United States and Asia), arrives in the brand’s premium sedan from the segment H1.


Propulsion with the engine placed in front, as usual for the brand’s sedans, the new GS300h therefore announces emissions of just 110g/km with a consumption figure expected under the 5l/100km instead of the GS450h’s 5.9l/100km and 137g/km.

For the record this 300h engine combines a 2.5l 4-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine and two electric motors, no information about the power that it will develop in this model but in the IS300h it offers 220hp for 215nm.

Lexus_GS300h (1).jpg

Lexus hopes to increase sales of the GS, mostly to companies for which quotas, regulations, and taxes are getting more severe, global launch (US excluded) scheduled for late 2013.

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