(VIDEO) NASA flies its hybrid-wing-body X-48C


Here is NASA’s X-48C, a small and remote controlled blended-wing-body or hybrid-wing-body aircraft, halfway between conventional fuselages and flying wings.

NASA_X-48C_flight (3).jpg

The X-48C is the evolution of the X-48B tested between 2007 and 2010 with no less than 92 flights. In development for eight months the X-48C has a 6.1m wingspan and weighs 227kg. This prototype is built precisely to test the handling of hybrid-wing-body at low-speeds.

Cleaner and quieter these hybrid-wing-body represent the future of commercial aviation at a 20 years horizon.

Fay Collier, manager of NASA's Environmentally Responsible Aviation project. "Very quiet and efficient, the hybrid wing body has shown promise for meeting all of NASA's environmental goals for future aircraft designs." 

NASA_X-48C_flight (2).jpg

A flat body, no tail and motors mounted above the plane in back position characterize this X-48C with Ray Manta design by Boeing and built by the British from Cranfield Aerospace.

Flights allow to gather information to further improve the design of future aircrafts.

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