Shanghai 2013: GreatWall prepping an hybrid SUV? Haval H7 hybrid


The Chinese manufacturer GreatWall previewed this week an interesting vehicle, the GreatWall Haval H7 whose exterior recalls some of European manufacturers, the rear-end of the manufacturer to the rings but also 4008 looks at the front with a large grille...

Haval-H7_hybrid.jpgHaval-H7_hybrid (2).jpg

However the interior is completely new, innovative, like Tesla with large screens throughout the cabin, the 12-inch LCD touchscreen on the center console, and a truly innovative design.
Haval-H7_hybrid (5).jpg

Besides its style, one detail caught our attention, hybrid badges at the rear and on the sides of the car, so far no official information on its powertrain but it looks very close to a series production model...

Last year at the Shanghai Auto Show GreatWall presented the Haval-E, a plug-in hybrid SUV that just received the concept-car prize at the Bangkok Auto Show. Its powertrain was combining a 1.3l four cylinder turbo and an electric motor for a total ouput of 242hp and 490nm!

Haval-H7_hybrid (6).jpg

Annonced as a four wheel drive vehicle, it is unlikely to find such an innovative powertrain in the Haval H7 Hybrid... But the Shanghai Motor Show that opens its doors on Sunday should give us answers!

Via Sohu / ChinaCarTimes

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