(VIDEO) Meneghina Express from Shanghai to Milan with electric motorcycles


13.000km in 40days is the challenge that Nicola Colombo and Valerio Fumagalli set themselves, a trip from Shanghai to Milan through 10 countries with two Zero Motorcycles Zero FX.

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Brand new model, half road / off-road, the FX pushes the limits of electric bikes with 44hp and 94.9Nm for just 125kg, performances are adjustable via Bluetooth!

The Zero FX is available with one or two battery packs for 2.8 or 5.7kWh capacities (106kg and 125kg respectively for the bikes). These modules are removable and can be swapped, however, a 95% CHAdeMO charging takes less than an hour...

In short, the Zero FX is the perfect companion for such a road trip! 13.000km in 40 days is an average of 325km per day, which would require at least two to three charging/swaps per day, the Zero FX ZF5.7 authorizing from 50km (at 112kph on the highway) to 113km of range in town.

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The initiative Meneghina Express is supported by the Milan Expo 2015 Expo to be held in two years in the Italian city - because the team will explore the country and culture in an environmentally friendly way, but also eating sustainably "Ride Green, Eat Sustainable"

The adventure starts in 54 days so do not hesitate to follow them on their facebook page - otherwise, be sure that we will keep you informed!

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