(VIDEO) Tesla Model S, the first commercial is a 5.18min demo 5:18 min


Tesla had never published a commercial, leaving to fans the pleasure of promoting the brand and models. Their electric sedan, the Model S inaugurates the genre with a presentation in 5 minutes of the features it offers.

Indeed, the Tesla Model S is a technological showcase that deserves a demonstration:

First the 17 inches touch screen (already briefly introduced in a previous article), interactive, it allows you to manage the roof and doors opening, lights ...

Suspensions "active air" increase or lower the ride height, by default in automatic mode, a manual mode is also available.

The regenerative braking can be adjusted in two positions, one offering more free wheel and the other a more pronounced braking.

The screen is also a media player with an internet connection and a sound station offering advanced settings options.

The tech package gives you access to GPS and HD reverse camera.

The cluster keeps the speedometer as central element but two TFT screens located on each side can show various information.


For the record the Tesla Model S is available in Europe at a price of € 69,760 with first European units currently completing the European Get Amped Tour!

"The car of the future today"

Innovative, premium and elegant, here is the video that allows to review the essential features of the car.

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