(VIDEO) We take a ride in the iQ EV – 19 cars arrive to Taiwan in car-sharing by the end of April


After introducing the Toyota iQ EV and announced that it wouldn’t not be sold, Toyota launches a second experimental program of its electric city-car, this time in Taiwan.


During the 2013 EV Taiwan show, which closed its doors last weekend, we learned that the area of Sun Moon Lake, popular for the holidays, would be the scene of an electric-car-sharing experiment with cars, scooters, bikes and even boats!

In this context Toyota will provide 19 iQ EV, 16 Prius Plug-in, and some RAV4 EV might also be tested...

This is one of the initiatives launched by the Taiwanese government as part of the i-EV Project which includes four pilot projects in various Taiwanese provinces: Tobe M-Car and Luxgen MPV in Taipei, Nissan Leafs for the police and the Luxgen MPV in Taichung City and finally Tainan City with Leaf and Luxgen - note that for the last two projects cars will not be available to the public but will be used by local authorities and companies, 6 other test-fleets should be launched by the end of the year.

Today the island has 366 charging stations.


Specs on the Toyota iQ EV and details

It is similar in all respects to the series Toyota iQ, its wheels are different and the front cover for the charging socket catches the eye. For now - and as it is a very small series, the central infotainment display is derived from a Prius C (not sold in Europe - between the Yaris and Auris Hybrid).


Regarding range, the battery charged at slightly less than 2/3 announced 47 km of range with air conditioning, the heat pump works well and allows not to divide the range by two – its specs-sheet announce a 85km range in NEDC cycle.

About performance, the iQ EV is fitted with a 63hp motor developing 163Nm, enough for the city and to reach 125kph!

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