(VIDEO) Chris Harris tests the SLS Electric Drive, the most powerfull AMG ever is « profoundly new » !


Chris Harris of Drive had the chance to lap the Paul Ricard inside the SLS Electric Drive, the opportunity to compare with the original SLS and for us to receive the feedback from a sports-car specialist.

Exterior and interior are similar, only a few indicators and the tacho allow to detect that it is the electric version. The paddles remains but here they manage the power of regenerative braking.


Test on a wet track

The comfort mode allows a 250km range in NEDC cycle with a power limited to 440kW (under 600hp) the car is then a performance car without providing the same feel as a conventional SLS ...

Then two other modes are available, Sport and Sport + acting on the throttle response and releasing the 740hp and 1000Nm of the beast!

What impresses most Chris Harris is the torque vectoring technology which can act independently on each wheel, the basic distribution of the torque and power is 25% on each wheel, for a genuinely new handling and cornering speed.

Braking is entrusted to ceramic discs in order to stop the car with some longevity - especially on the race track...


Carbon footprint in g per km of the electricity used is only 15-20 g / km (in Europe) instead of 300g/km for the original model!

Range and price

In real-life use, the battery life should be around 200km and thinking about the € 416,500 price tag is not much money for the only electric supercar available for the moment in the world, and with such a demonstration of knowledge by Mercedes-AMG engineers

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