ActiveHybrid X1 spotted testing? 4WD hybrid under development?


Pictures of an hybrid BMW X1 just emerged on the internet, they announce the arrival of an hybrid engine on the brand’s compact SUV but certainly with a new technology, an evolution of the current ActiveHybrid... We imagine a 4-wheel drive hybrid tech like in Mini which was also seen testing on snow over a year ago.

ActiveHybridX1 (2).jpg

Indeed, the 4x4 hybrid technology is interesting because it offers four-wheel drive without crankshaft and heavy transmission as well as frictions and inefficiencies related to: a combustion engine at the front and an electric motor on rear axle working separately or together depending on the conditions and driving style.

Peugeot-Citroën and Audi already took the step (see HYbrid4 and e-tron quattro) and Honda will launch their SH-AWD tech in the future NSX - this type of engine 4x4 is committed to a bright future!


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