(VIDEO) Terra Motors launches the e-tricycle, e-scooter to come by year-end


We introduced Terra Motors last November, a Japanese company specializing in the development of light electric vehicles and aiming to gain some market share in the Philippines and Vietnam with its electric three-wheeler, the e-trike.


At the time it was only a concept, but the pre-production prototype has been presented a few days ago.

The e-tricycle or e-trike is designed as an efficient mode of transportation for emerging markets, it can accommodate 5 to 6 people and reach a speed of 50kph for a range of 50km.

TerraMotors_e-trike (3).jpg

Its price is not yet announced but logically it should be affordable ... Especially since Terra Motors plans to sell 100,000 e-trikes by 2016!


In the same wake, the brand took the opportunity to announce the launch of a new scooter by the end of the year - it will be Terra Motor’s third scooter in Japan and the first to represent a major challenge for export.

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