(VIDEO) BMWi Tour in Paris at the Palais de Tokyo


The BMWi Tour is hosted at the Palais de Tokyo since Thursday and until tonight, we attended the press conference, here is a report.


Additional information on the BMW i3

Until now, electric cars were relatively standard, well-equipped but standard, mainly because of their high price. However, the development of the competition and market brings optional features, for instance the 2013 Nissan Leaf now available in three trim levels, like the Renault Zoé.

The arrival of premium models will increase this trend a little more - the BMW i3 will offer at least two options specific to electric vehicles, a range extender e-Rex (already announced) using a twin cylinder engine but also a heat pump to improve the vehicle's range.


The vehicle will be sold with its batteries but so far no price has been confirmed, it is expected below € 40,000

Its specs-sheet had been announced in February.


Confirmation of the arrival of the serie(s) model(s) in November 2013 and first press tests in mid October.


BMWi is a new brand, with new architectures, a new distribution network and new services, some of which are incubated in BMWi Ventures with 100million $ capital for the development of services / applications.


Officials of the brand also confirmed the arrival of other BMWi models, without announcing their name but we remind you the rumors of BMW i4 and BMW i5...

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