(VIDEO) SportStar EPOS: first flight for the Czech electric two-seater aircraft!


The Czech company Evektor has developed the SportStar EPOS, a technology demonstrator that made its first flight just a few days ago.

Electric_aircraft_Sportstar_Epos (2).jpg

Recreational sport electric aircraft, its X90 RE-7 electric motor provided by the company Rotex Electric develops a power of 50kW (67hp) and a weights only 17kg, batteries (378V) are supplied by Kokam and allow a 1 hour range, cruise speed of the SportStar EPOS is announced at 150kph and top speed at 260kph.

Electric_aircraft_Sportstar_Epos (2).jpg

With its two seats, 5.98m long and 10m wing-span, it changes from the small electric airplanes (or rather cuckoos) that we regularly present, and demonstrates the advances of the segment!

The SportStar EPOS will be exhibited at the reference European show: Aero Freidrchschafen which opens its doors at the end of the month (April 24 to 27th).

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