Detroit Electric SP01: awaiting for the new Roadster – 3 gearbox options!


While Tesla's boss, George Blankenship, said in an interview this week that the new Roadster expected in 2017, will "push the envelope beyond what anybody else is doing" without any other details... Another manufacturer tries to take the place left by the Roadster with the same Lotus chassis!



The Detroit Electric SP:01 accelerates just like the Roadster Sport 2.5 (the latest evolution of Tesla’s Roadster) with the 0 to 100kph in 3.7 seconds, but with less power (201HP and 225 nm) thanks to a low weight (1070kg instead of 1238kg) and gearbox available in four or five speed mechanical - or two speed automatic! The speed also benefits from the arrival of the gearbox at 249kph instead of 212 for the Roadster.

Detroit_Electric_SP01 (3).jpg

Its range is listed between 222km and 300km depending on the test cycle (37kWh Lithium Polymer battery), recharging takes 4 hours with a fast charger and 10hours a house plug.


The front is very close to the Lotus with the same headlights while the rear-end differs. We also like the wheels, 16 at the front and 17 rear that gives to this SP01 dragster looks.

Detroit_Electric_SP01 (1).jpg

Also launched in limited edition, this electric sports-car is Detroit Electric flagship and announces other upcoming models (two expected).

Price is listed at $ 135,000 in the United States but no conversion is proposed € ...
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