(VIDEO) Hyundai E4U – an egg as single person vehicle


Do not see a link with Easter or April 1st, that concept really exists - Hyundai has revealed this funny machine at the Seoul Motor Show. In addition to its unusual egg shape that surprises at first glance, the E4U’s propulsion system also innovates with a half-sphere as a wheel. 

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Single person vehicle created by Hyundai’s design department, the E4U has been unveiled at the Seoul Motor which runs from March 29 to April 7! It could have been called Calimero for its yellow color or mini windshield attached to the driver’s head.

This appendix also serves as roof for the vehicle. The usefulness of the device is questionable because of the machine’s low speed. However, the kitsch effect is guaranteed.


In this vehicle, the most surprising is the propulsion, probably not the most efficient, but truly innovative. An hemisphere turning clockwise under the vehicle and ensures the traction.

When you want to move, simply push with your feet on the front of the platform. It is also possible to move to the right or left with a precise dosage of your weight in the direction desired - intuitive but touchy.

The operation of the sphere of the device is similar to that of a helicopter rotor in which the blades do not rotate in one direction but whose center axis leaning to one side or the other to go in front right or left. Moreover, as a helicopter, it is supported by two small wheels at the rear which act as tail rotor

In development since October 2012, the machine should be a very popular show demonstrator for with children, and those who kept their child's soul.

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