Gordon Murray's T.25


Established in 2007 to develop an innovative automotive manufacturing technology, the trademarked “iStream”, Gordon Murray Design needed a prototype for process validation and development. It led to the creation of the T.25, officially presented the 28th June 2010, the car represents a major breakthrough in the area of weight, footprint, safety, usability and efficiency.

To give some facts, it has the world leading turning circle with 6 meters and an impressive width of 1,3m, its structure is ultra safe, it uses recycled materials, the manufacturing requires low energy and the car has a low accident repair cost.
Furthermore its lightweight structure (approx 550kg) doesn’t need much power to still represent a competitive power to weight ratio. The occupant capacity is between 1 and 3 persons.

To say more about the “iStream” process, they completely rethought and redesigned the traditional manufacturing process, and thanks to it, won the Autocar “Idea of the year” award in 2008. The result is more flexibility, significant CO2 reduction, an average plant size divided by 5 and a capital investment reduced by 80%.


Source : Gordon Murray


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