Green classic : Amectran Exar-1, Tesla in the 80’s


In 1981 Edmond X. Ramirez decided to create the "The World's First Real Production-Ready Electronic Powered Automobile", with innovative design and manufacturing, unfortunately only a few units were built, projector on this forgotten icon, the Amectran Exar-1 (American Ecological Transportation).


The Exar-1 was designed by Pietro Frua, who worked on this car for three years based on a design imagined for BMW -but at the time refused by the company (according to Amectran)- the original car has been lengthened to incorporate the chassis and the propulsion system.

Its looks is somewhere between a Lamborghini Espada and a Maserati Montreal with lights hidden by the bonnet, the Exar-1 had the style of the most exclusive cars - a "Masterpiece of European Design" that welcomed 5 people!

The 19hp GM motor was powering the front wheels and allowing a 0 to 100kph in 12 seconds for a 137kph maximum speed thanks to a semi-automatic four-speed gearbox.

Amectran_Exar-1 (10).jpg

The Exar-1 also showed some innovative features :

-Body in acrylic reinforced Kevlar, and Chromalloy chassis for a weight of 1360kg
-A 2 gallons fuel tank for heating
-Regenerative braking
-Goodyear HR 78-15 low rolling resistance tires

Amectran_Exar-1 (10).jpg

Sold for $ 7,800, at this price you had luxury as standard, no options, radio, CB, leather seats and air conditioning, the car was available in eight colors.

Finally, Ramirez was visionary even for the production method with regional assembly plants, such as franchises, 15 cities were selected across the United States with volumes of 1250 units each per year…

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