(VIDEO) Panamera S e-Hybrid, the 75mpg Porsche (3.1l per 100km and 71g/km)


The e-hybrid powertrain introduced by Porsche in the Sport Turismo Concept at the Paris Auto Show seemed very close to the series production, so close that the news of the imminent release of the Panamera’s latest generation (2014) with this powertrain is hardly surprising and confirms that the brand bets on hybrids.


Indeed, after the hybrid Cayenne and Panamera, this technology opens-up new possibilities, more powerful than the current Panamera S Hybrid (electric power doubled from 47 to 95hp), the plug-in hybrid Panamera has a range of 35km and a top speed of 134kph on electric power only (269kph otherwise), it will offer a combined 410hp with the 0 to 100kph announced in 5.5 seconds.

Porsche_Panamera_S_e-hybrid (2).jpg

The new Panamera S e-Hybrid is priced between the 4S and GTS at 110.409€

About the emissions they are announced at 71g/km only!
About the design, there are some visual changes to the headlights and bumpers but nothing revolutionary ...

Porsche_Panamera_S_e-hybrid (4).jpg

This e-hybrid powertrain will soon be found in the Cayenne also.

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