(VIDEO) New York 2013 : Mercedes Classe B electric drive confirmed for 2014, US market first!


Following an initial reveal at the 2012 Paris Auto Show 6 months ago, Mercedes confirms the launch of the B-Class Electric Drive for early 2014 in the United States first, and then Europe!

2014_Classe-B_Electric_Drive (10).jpg

It is Daimler’s fourth purely electric vehicle and the second to bear the name Electric Drive (after the A-Class and Vito E-Cell) -a less sporty variation of the SLS Electric Drive.

Its specs are also confirmed with a range of 200km (115miles) a 100kW and 310Nm motor enabling acceleration from 0 to 100kph in less than 10 seconds for a top speed of 160kph – up by 10kph compared to Paris’ prototype.
Its battery (capacity undisclosed) charges at 50% in 2hours on the 240V/40A.

As the second generation of Smart Electric Drive, and taking into account shares held by Daimler, the powertrain’s electrification could be done by Tesla…

2014_Classe-B_Electric_Drive (8).jpg

Positioned in the premium segment the B-Class will be a future rival for Bmwi3 also expected in late 2013, early 2014. No price has been announced yet...

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