(VIDEO) Flying Electron: first flight of the CC01e electric aircraft


The Flying Electron or CC01e is a project imagined by two french friends, Claude Chudzik and Frederic Laude. Claude Chudzik is the original designer of this “canard” airplane thirty years ago (then powered by a loud 25hp 2 stroke engine)... Claude Chudzik decided last year that he wanted to fly an electric version of its CC01e and 5 months later it's done!


Assisted in this task by Electravia who provided the 50hp electric motor, the 4.7kWh Lithium Polymer battery and a made to measure E-Props propeller, the pair were able to fly their electric aircraft this week-end on Nangis airfield.

The pilot, Frederic, made a first flight of 3 minutes –half relaxed, half stressed as you will see in the video below- this inaugural flight was followed the next day by a 15 minutes flight.

The second flight enabled the team to assess the performance of the aircraft that could display 20 to 25 minutes of range at 120knots (222kph), and after this test flight of 15 minutes there was 60% of battery left..

Then the CC01e or Flying Electron will go for a speed record with a bar set at 300kph!

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