Epic Torq: street legal race-specs electric 3 wheeler brings the fun out of an EV!


The company Epic electric vehicles started with an electric boat specially designed for water-skiing, the 21SE and developed in parallel the hybrid version 23H. Then they came back on the ground with their quad Amp before offering today the production version of their Torq an electric three-wheeler -announced since more than two years with first road demonstrations in 2010.


The overall design almost doesn’t change, the brand simply opts for lenticular headlights arranged horizontally, however its wheelbase and overall length increase - probably to avoid unexpected wheelies!

Indeed, with more than 300hp and 830nm in peak, the Epic Torq has no trouble crossing the 0 to 100kph in just 4 seconds, supercar performances!

To ensure efficiency and optimal handling, the development of the chassis and specific front suspension, has been entrusted to Palatov Motorsports. The Torq thus promises up to 1.3G lateral and features a limited slip differential!

Epic_Torq_20123 (6).jpg

Despite carbon body parts, the 2013 Epic Torq takes some weight compared to the 2010 version (over 300kg) with a 998kg and weight distribution of 65/35.

Two battery packs are available with a 24 or 34kWh capacity and a range announced up to 160km.

Its final price is not disclosed but reservations are open: $ 10,000 for a delivery in 2013 and $ 5,000 for 2014!

Let’s dream and hope that Peugeot will follow and produce the EX1!
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