(VIDEO) BMW sells electric cars the way we want them!


With the two new pre-launch BMWi spots, the brand shows that they still know how to sell cars, even electric! Car service for the i3 and ultra-desirable supercar for the i8, BMW makes us dream and positions both cars with the right tone.


The BMW i3, connected car service, flexible with its range extender and vehicle exchange services (add-on mobility), installation of charging station at home, turned around applications for charging and synergies with ParkNow / ChargeNow…

Specs of the BMW i3

The series version should offer a real-life range between 130 and 160km in normal mode and EcoPro modes cutting some of the functions of the vehicle, torque reduction, electrical systems, should allow up to 200km range. The range-extender e-Rex (optional) will offer another 150km, it should be a two-cylinder borrowed from the motorcycle division.

About its price, the official launch scheduled for Frankfurt will confirm rumors announcing it around € 40,000.

360 electrical - 100% service

The BMW i8, supercar high-tech and green, was announced at a “reasonable” price - so far no official confirmation but expected between 120,000 and 150,000 € - though the soaring prices of its competitors could push the brand to a significant increase…

Specs of BMW i8

Electric sports-car with a range extender, it is the already famous three cylinders from the brand with its very BMWish sound which should help improve the range of the car.

The total power is announced at 353hp and 550nm, allowing a 0 to 100kph in just under 5 seconds!

Get out the checkbook here is the i8 promo clip...

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