(VIDEO) After the motorcycle, here is the electric scooter KTM E-Speed


Once again, the Tokyo Motorcycle Show has been chosen to present KTM’s first electric scooter concept. A situation that is reminiscent of the reveal of their Freeride E electric motocross almost three years ago, and resulted in a launch this year...


Designed by Gerald Kiska, for the moment in naked configuration to highlight its components and technology, with its radical look the KTM E-Speed is an eye-catcher, and although it is unlikely that such a style sees series production, its specs sheet is also interesting and is based on developments made for the Freeride E.

Equivalent to a 125cc engine, the 11kW and 36 nm of torque motor allows to reach 85kph, for a maximum silence, its transmission is made via a belt and the 4.36kWh battery recharges in 2 hours on the 220V for a range announced around 60km.

KTM_E-speed (3).jpg

KTM surprised everyone with their new concept and marks a shift towards more urban products while affirming the will to develop electric vehicles, for the moment no information about a possible marketing but the technology is now available and a launch would be simpler and faster.

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