(VIDEO) "Free valve" by Koenigsegg, the future of the combustion engine is there!


In a conventional combustion engine, there is always a link (chain or belt) to connect the bottom of the engine (and therefore the crankshaft) with the top of the engine and the camshaft that actuates the valves.
This link between upper and lower engine is required and allows the synchronization of these two parts.


However, the manufacturer Koenigsegg, best known for its supercars, including the Agera R (direct competitor of the Bugatti Veyron) rather than for its innovations - has invented a revolutionary system that allows to remove this link.

Indeed, Koenigsegg (via the company Cargine) is actively working on a system called "Free Valve System". This system is based on an independent operation of each valve by means of a compressed-air actuator.

It only brings benefits, in fact it creates a different operating cycle for the engine. This allows the system to run more quickly, but also to save fuel with a power gain.


Engine reliability also increases, getting rid of the distribution system and camshaft, therefore removing the number of moving parts. And who says fewer moving parts says increased reliability, increased performance, ease of repair, lower cost of production…

The advantage is also the ability to activate and deactivate some cylinders (cylinder shut-off), allowing a maximum efficiency, with a 4-cylinder in the city and 8-cylinder the rest of the time!

Note that Koenigsegg has fitted this system in a Saab 9.5 that already travelled 60.000km without any mechanical problems.

Article par H. Le Flanchec
Par Technologic Vehicles
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