(VIDEO) Torqeedo Deep Blue, the most powerfull outboard electric motor


Despite its not very impressive 80hp, the Torqeedo Deep Blue is the most powerfull electric outboard engine in the world!

Offered by Torqeedo, the leader of outboard motors for electric boats, it extends the range to 14 power options, ranging from 1 to 80hp (in combustion equivalent).


The latest entrant of the range takes advantage of the experience and offers 29.7kW of propulsive power with 54% of efficiency. The engine alone weighs 125kg and each battery pack 149kg for a range that will depend the type of boat and use.

The cost of the system is $ 19,999 and as always the biggest cost is the 13kWh battery sold in packs of two at $ 32,998 to four at $ 65,996.

The return on investment will be faster for frequent users with a cost of charging from $ 2.41 to $ 4.83 in face annual costs exceeding € 5,000 easily in fuel.

Torqeedo also offers a 45kW solar charger to install on the deck or directly on the boat.

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